Sunday, 18 March 2018

Rest in the arms

Here's a recent poem of mine, first published last month in TheWriters'CafeMagazine.

Rest in the arms

the weight we carry
 is love
(from Song, by Allen Ginsberg)

I remember the hard muscles
of your thighs
across mine,
your arm heavy on my breasts.

I am pinned
by you,
a little afraid
of your bulk on me

but as I lie here
hardly able to breathe
I don’t want
you to move.

I am comforted by this load
this holding
that I thought would never be again.

While our warm bodies cool,
                by a dragging duvet

I watch moon patterns
on the wall
                striped shadows of blinds

and I think of Ginsberg –
                the weight of the world
                                is love

and as I know I won’t sleep yet
                I try
to recall more words
                the burden of life
                                is love

I hear the steadiness of your breath
as you sleep on me

                rest in the arms
                                of love

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