Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Legacy -- Anthony 'Trance' Jones

Anthony Jones at the first Cellar Bards

What a tragedy it was to hear of the sudden death of one of the foremost promoters of spoken word literature events in west Wales.

The funeral of Anthony ‘Trance’ Jones was held yesterday (August 7th) and was followed by an afternoon of tributes from many friends and poets in the packed Queen’s Hotel in Carmarthen – venue of the monthly Poems & Pints event that Anthony founded in 2010.

People packed into the Crematorium and the pub heard many anecdotes and poems written in his memory. Poems were sent by friends who couldn’t be there – from as far afield as Siberia, Sweden, Portugal and Ireland, as well as from Wales – and these were read out by friends.  Anthony’s own poems were read during the events by friends and by his brothers, Richard and William. Ably hosted by Anthony’s close friend and colleague, Dominic Williams, the afternoon was a fitting spoken word tribute to a wonderful man and Anthony would have been pleased and proud.

Always a supporter of The Cellar Bards spoken word event in Cardigan, Anthony’s help and advice was sought when that was launched in June 2012 and he continued to offer his support and encouragement.  The Cellar Bards will always be indebted to him for his love and support of spoken word in general and of our event in particular.

This was my tribute to him, on behalf of the Bards, at the Queen’s yesterday afternoon:


i.m. Anthony ‘Trance’ Jones

words – off the page
your words     my words
our words

poets     poets
shoot words out there

vibrant voices
snipers shooting
vivacious words

poets speak out
shout out words
fired like bullets         

over the land
across the seas
out there, your words

your episodes and fragments
in Tranas and Tramor
in Aberteifi and Caerfyrddin

your words       my words
our words
all the poets’ words

over all this world
cutting through

daily blather and banter
always speaking out
off the page

our responses, challenges
propositions, positions
our sounds, our clamour

our words     your words
all out there.        Now
you are more than words

you are more than
all the words
over all the world


There is plenty more on Anthony's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anthony.t.jones