Thursday, 6 October 2016

Splatchwordy world

We recently celebrated the centenary of the wonderful writer Roald Dahl. This poem uses many of his made-up words and a few I created myself, including the title. It was also inspired by a sketch called 'Endless Column' by Jude Macklin, which was part of a printmakers exhibition held this summer at the Old College in Aberystwyth. 
You don't really need to know what all the new words mean, but I would say that a 'quogwinkle', according to Dahl, is an alien from space.

Splatchwordy world

(in memory of Roald Dahl)

How’s the view from up there,
                Cast your goggler over the way we live our patchwork lives --



are we worth just a glimp
from your perch
that purple morning haze?

                Are we wobble-crossing
down the street,
                not finding a path,
just tripping the stones beneath our feet?

How is the view from up there?
Can you spygog us
                down that
mundane road -
among everyday traffic in the
cloudy mauve
                jiggered morning
kind of rain

How is the view from up there?
Are you biffs-quiggled by our scrotty lives?

                Can you see
through your violet shadows
                our darksome,  jumbly froth-buggling,
                fluck-gangled, whopsy-waddling,
                                poisnowse world?

Tell us, quogwinkle,
                what do you see with your glimpy-gumbled spy in the sky?
                     What do you see?

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