Friday, 20 December 2013


And now, the year turns.
Short dark days close as
Earth’s circle allows the hope of light
to kindle fresh beginnings;
and the weight of midwinter lifts.

The still air chills,
we are as numb leaves frozen in ice,
suspended between the end and
the suggestion of silent creation.
All is poised in soundless waiting,
no breath moves the bitter shadow.

But soft, listen, hush, shhshh ..

And now, the year turns,
shivers of breeze loosen
the endless shroud of cold mist.
The sleeping spirit quivers
as hard earth is roused;
and slow sap stirs and yawns.

Hope is held in pale dawn, as
the first light creeps
under nature’s unmoving skin.
Warmth touches the moment,
And now, we can allow the seed of expectation
to encourage the rotation of life to begin.

Now also published by Three Drops from a Cauldron: