Thursday, 9 May 2013


I am overwhelmed by the numbers of people who are reading this Blog now -- more than 10,000 views since I started posting regularly last July. Thank you all for reading and thank you too to those who post comments, whether on here and on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Just for your information, I have been through the Blog today and deleted a lot of the National Poetry Writing Month posts -- a Poem a Day through April was some task and most of them now need revising and editing.

I have also deleted other poems that are being further edited and submitted for competition or publication. 

It is time that I spent time and effort working on submissions and I am now doing this. I am braced for many rejections -- but we poets are hardy folk. I reckon if you survive long enough, get through the tough times and then are able to write from the heart, you can put up with a few rejections along the way.

Maybe there will be some good news too.

For the time being all the haiku are staying on the site; and most of the political stuff stays too. I believe that here is the best place for the protest/political work. I prefer to publish that here and promote it myself through Facebook and Twitter.

By far the biggest readership on the Blog is the political poetry. It gets a bigger -- and more relevant -- readership here than anywhere else.

The other poem that stays, for the time being at least, is the one called 'LOVE', which gets so many views a day I dare not take it down! I hope to include it as part of a collection I am submitting this summer, but publication on here does not preclude it from that project, so it can stay for now.

I will be posting more new material soon, so keep reading.
And most important, keep writing!

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