Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This special place

National Poetry Writing Month -- a poem a day for April 2013.
Day  9 

Written after yesterday afternoon's shift at the dogs home, where I work to clear my head, which gets stuffed full of words and writing -- 
and I end up writing about that as well!

‘This special place…’

I secure the double gates, and
it is just me and the dogs.
They welcome me with barks and wagging tails.

Worries and cares stay outside this space,
this special place;
in here it is all for them.
Some lie in their runs enjoying the sun.
They all rest quiet.

I open each pen in turn.
Two, three, sometimes four dogs are
free to roam in the lush grass together.
While I clean and tidy their beds,
fill bowls with fresh water,
they are happy to wander with their own kind.

I make time to be with those who seek human company --
play fetch with the young ones who run and jump,
scratch heads and fuss the older, slower, visitors.

I move along the rows, steady-quiet.
I love to make the beds,
take out the old, put in new,
     - the fresh warm scent of hay -
make it deep for the cosiest nights.

They all settle down again
as the sun begins to sink
  the evening meal will be here soon.

I clear all the rubbish to the bonfire
.. watch the flames for a while ...
and secure the double gates
… as I leave them to their world.