Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Throw away all the money

National Poetry Writing Month -- a poem a day for April 2013.

Throw away all the money

Throw away all the money,
we don’t need it any more.
Money gives power to the rulers,
they use it to make their war.                                     

Both sides make profit from fighting
but the poor they always lose;
they have to go into battle but
they don’t have the power to choose.

Make you work to pay the rent
it’s the weapon to keep you in line
-- cut your benefits, raise your taxes …
make you slave to pay your fine.

Money owns the media
that tells us only lies.
Money is used to hide the truth but
we see it if we open our eyes.

Money is used to make the markets                       
that feed the fat cat bankers.
It’s only a fragile construct
and they are a load of…  fools.

Money makes a house of paper,
it’s the god of the religion of greed;
it’s easy to pull it all down -
just realise it’s not what we need.