Friday, 22 March 2013

A poem a day...

One week to go......

I have signed up to write a poem a day throughout April – am I mad?

Possibly, but what a challenge this is going to be!

April is National Poetry Writing Month and other writers who are daft enough to give this a go can check it out here:

It’s all about taking part and many of the participants will be posting their work on their related websites.

In the last couple of days I have been practising and managed to write two poems in two days. They are quite long ones too, so this seems like a good start.

I am thinking about my approach to this challenge in the run-up. Will I stay random and just write what comes into my head each day?

Or will I decide on a theme? I could use the month as a project to concentrate on an area of my poetry writing that needs to develop – like I find it hard to write ‘happy’ stuff. Maybe I need to practice that…

Dreams can be a good source of material and I have never been good at remembering mine. Maybe I could work on that…

And I am not writing as much political poetry as I would like. There is certainly plenty out there to get angry about… So maybe more of that.

And there are gaps in my fledgling collection that I need to fill...

Whatever I decide, by the end of April there should be a load of work in the bucket, ready to edit over the coming months.

I will post updates on here through the month. I hope that I will have some poetry to put up, but sometimes, I may just write (rant?!) about the process and how it is going.

And I’ll be following many of the others who join the journey.

It’s going to be a busy -- and creative -- month.