Wednesday, 4 July 2018

I am water

Wild swimming... aaaaah!

I am water

When the sun is harsh
in the afternoon,
I kneel
to scoop cool water.
How fresh it is
and full in my throat,
going down. I pull it in,
feel the cleanness, the greenness
fill all my cells.

And so this lake reaches for me,
laps me, sucks me,
clasps me into itself,
folds my heart in its currents,
where somehow I will breathe,
move freely, and wonder

Where I come from,
where I will go.

I swim wild in peace,
allow the lake to swallow me.
Tiny fish flicker
around my naked flesh
as water murmurs to me its secret stories,
makes music flow over my body
and into me.

This is my beginning and ending,
my place of depart and return,
the to and fro
lapping the shore,
sipping me,
wanting me more.

            Where I come from,
            where I will go.

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