Saturday, 19 September 2015

Time of the snow

This is the first poem in my new collection, The Spaces in Between,
published in September 2015, by Pinewood Press. Details of how to buy the book are below.

Time of the snow

She wanted to remember what time it was.
She knew, in years to come,
she would want to know
the exact moment,
so she could recall it all.
All the detail.

She would want to count it.
Minute by minute.

So she looked at the clock
and watched the snow falling outside,
deepening the coldness,
filling the world
layer on layer
minute on minute
hour on hour.

She watched the minutes pile up
while inside, time was still.
She knew the moment he went,
she felt the press of his hand on hers,
she looked at the snow,
she forgot the clock,
time froze

The Spaces in Between, published by Pinewood Press, Swansea, £8, is available from: 

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