Friday, 4 September 2015

Finding music

A friend of mine wrote a 'found' poem this week for a bit of fun. She used book titles on her shelf. I have copied the idea, but used titles of CDs instead, just a bit of fun, but I am not disappointed with the result!

Finding music

So far so good
I should say,
as we walk into the
magical ring
of Highway 61 revisited
and into the music
of modern times
and legend.

But the times they are a changing,
we need to let go the old ideas
and be new travelling souls
ready to meet the piper at the gates of dawn,
maybe, on an island.

And there we’ll play the healing game
until we are back on top.
Say you will,
oh, say you will.
I wish you were here
so we could play the game
and see pictures at an exhibition
in a summer garden
where the bramble briar hangs

See the astounding eyes of Rita,
know that we are travelling souls,
and that the river of sound
carries our love,
until it is a thousand kisses deep.


  1. well now, I'm trying to place the 'Hits' and who it was who sang them !
    yes, it's good to loosen up , formality can get stuck in so many 'grooves' sometimes. It does surprise me how well 'found poems' can turn out.
    I think it was a lovely poet and fellow Cellar Bard that said
    'songs make the best poems' .
    hah ! I'm reaching for my Hendtix collection as we speak, purple haze sounds good.

  2. ha ha, have used this technique many times, personally thinks it works a treat. All the best.

  3. Very impressive. As for me, I'm on the Dark Side of the Moon with my Revolver, so you can be sure there'll be Blood on the Tracks, but don't worry, just Let It Be.