Friday, 27 February 2015

Hawk Drift: Creative Writing Workshops with Katherine Stansfie...

Hawk Drift: Creative Writing Workshops with Katherine Stansfie...: Examining an exhibition of challenging installations based on the Ann Carr Collection of pottery by Cornish ceramicist Michael Cardew and co...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hawk Drift: Free-form and Found Poetry

Hawk Drift: Free-form and Found Poetry: At a poetry workshop held in Llandysul recently, I was introduced to Found Poetry. By using words from traditional texts, books, magazines,...

Monday, 16 February 2015

Hawk Drift: Fish out of Water

Here's a new blog by an artist and poet friend of mine who is just starting to put her lovely work 'out there'. Do have a look. Just click the link.

Hawk Drift: Fish out of Water     

You watch people's heads...
: Fish out of Water       You watch people's heads. 'Finding sound ' you call it. This is how it is for the most part, shor...

Saturday, 14 February 2015

More on love

Still on the theme of love (must be the time of year), here's one I wrote when I took part in a Wintereisse recital during a Schubertiade weekend at Rhosygilwen.


When the sun rises over frosted hills,
when glaciers thaw,
when frozen streams flow again,
and spring flowers open;
when the birds sing
and fly free;
when I stand on the frozen beach,
when I travel across the cool sea;
when the south wind fills my sails,
when music follows on the breeze,
when moonlight shows the way
to friendlier oceans;
when the stars guide my soul
to warmer shores,
when I find you there,
then, only then, will my heart melt.


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Love, again


In the still quiet centre of you
are all the mountains and valleys,
all the streams, rivers,
peaceful lakes and raging oceans,
all the forests and plains of this Earth.

In the still quiet centre of you
are the sun and moon
and all the planets and stars
of the universe forever.

In the still quiet centre of you
is all the love there ever was
in all the world through all time.

In the still quiet centre of you
is all the power you ever need.

©Jackie Biggs2015

 This poem was first posted on this blog two years ago, around this time of year. It is by far the most viewed of all my poems with many thousands of hits from all over the world. I see that there have already been more views this week, so I am updating it slightly and reposting. As poetry, it is not brilliant, but it is one of those truth things that people like and want to share. Please feel free to share the blog link, but please note that Copyright is mine, so if you share in any other way, please acknowledge the writer -

©Jackie Biggs2015 Thank you.