Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Still life

My latest published poem. It's in Innovate EMagazine. See links at bottom for how to buy. Proceeds from sales of this magazine go to charity.

I am taking part in the 52 writing project this year -- write a poem a week, which gives fantastic weekly prompts, thanks to the efforts of the wonderful Jo Bell. This was the poem I wrote in week 9. Link to 52 at the bottom -- it's never too late to start!

Still life

You broke my glass,
crashed clear through the fineness of it.
The tall stem lies jagged,
ready to tear soft skin.
The fulsome bowl,
thin, perfectly polished,
is shattered across the floor,
where fragments glint their sharpness.
Wine, a deeper tone even than the old life in your veins,
spreads in a full-bodied dark stain
across orange carpet, like a bruise.
And blood drips from the broken neck
of the still turning bottle,
in a crooked arc.
A small river trickles across the table
and dribbles over the edge,
adding to the ruddy ooze on the floor;
and deep red petals are strewn
like windblown tributes at a graveside.
They are from the roses you brought today.

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