Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Carn Ingli, Pembrokeshire

This poem was published recently in the fabulous arts journal, Innovate EMagazine, which is available from a number of online outlets. See links at bottom of post.


She doesn’t assist the climb
over this shingle-slipping,
stumbling land;
yet she draws you to her
as she sucks moisture through
rock to new springs;
and the sky above pulls,
and sweeps out to the farthest space,
beyond even her reach.

We saw her first from
the old stone cross,
down in the dreamy valley.
You catch your breath as she
imposes sudden on your world;
she seems close, yet is far away,
her strength is on the air.

Folk at work on her slopes
in ancient times
watched the distant seas
as strangers arrived, their
sails crowded with the west wind.
Is that where angels lived?
Where saints rested
to gaze and touch their wings?

Now rough rocks,
like pebbles to giants,
lie all over this place.
Icy currents stir
around the summit;
there is a darkness
in her swirling mists,
as her power reaches out.

Issue 4 of Innovate is available here:
EPUB at Smashwords