Friday, 10 January 2014

Not so random resolution

Starting a New Year with a resolution to work on my own creative writing for at least one hour every day seemed like a plan.

Ten days in, so far so good. That must be ten hours now, at least. There are two new poems in the can so far, and another on the way.

If it fails, which it won’t,  I can always take on the challenge of writing a poem a day throughout April, as I did last year for National Poetry Writing Month  

But it won’t fail. Helping me achieve this target is the fabulous scheme, '52', set up by poet Jo Bell. The aim is to write a poem a week through 2014. And part of the plan is to read new poetry too.

It’s run through the website:
where a subject/prompt is posted weekly (usually on Thursdays). Last week was ‘approaching the year’, this week, ‘a journey’.

Work can be shared if you wish (and commented upon) in the closed Facebook page:

For me, this is a great aid to achieving a worthwhile target. If the prompt doesn’t work for me one week, I will do something that does – but I will produce at least one poem a week.

At the end of the year there will be 52 new poems – more if I do a poem a day through April as well. 

I haven't managed to keep my other resolution yet -- half an hour of yoga every day. Oops. There is still time time catch that one ...

I shall be walking the beach tomorrow morning, for inspiration for 'the journey'. In the meantime, this was the first of the 52 -- 

New Year 2014

Stars fizz all over this still night;

while down here, on the dark road,

silence hangs chill;

broken only by our laughter

and the light in our hearts;

and the resolute crack-crack,

left-right left-right tick tack

of your boots on tarmac,

as we march into this new year.

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