Friday, 3 May 2013

New Vision

It is a year today since I had my cataract operation. Afterwards, the change in my eyesight was staggering – life turned from an impressionist painting to a 3D hi-tech movie, every detail highlighted.

And as well the improvement in the eyesight, I somehow gained new vision in other ways. As it turned out it was an event that changed my life.

I waited about nine months to see the specialist after being referred by my optician, because he thought he saw signs of macular degeneration, and I was thought to be a bit young to be starting that.

That was a very difficult nine months for me. With early onset ARMD (age-related macular degeneration) I had no idea what might happen to my eyesight. I could quickly lose the ability to see well enough to drive, for instance, and I live in a rural area where having a car is essential. Even worse, there was the fear I may go blind.

It was also possible, of course, that there would be no change; or that there was an error. But until I saw that specialist, I had no idea what I was in for.

Waiting nine months not knowing what would happen was tough – but the relief was amazing when the problem was diagnosed; and even more so when it was corrected and I could see clearly again.

That whole process made me think a lot about my life and what I was doing with it. And after the op I had four weeks off work in which to decide what changes to make.

When you have a cataract op you can’t do stuff like gardening – bending over is not allowed for several weeks; and lifting anything heavier than a pen and paper is not allowed either.

And so, with loads of time to think,  and write, by the end of the four weeks I had made the decision to leave my job in journalism, go freelance again and to start doing more creative work.

And here I am, still writing -- putting together a poetry collection, sending off submissions and competition entries -- and wondering why I didn’t do all this sooner.  So, this is an anniversary I celebrate.

Oh, and this Blog, which I started at the end of June 2012 when I left my job,  has today hit 10,000 views. People from all over the world drop in regularly to read the poetry.

Thank you all – and keep reading, there is plenty more to come. x