Saturday, 18 August 2012

Dear Mr Cameron ....

I am not an idler or a scrounger, nor a ne’er do well, even though I have recently given up my full time job.

I gave up my employment because it was becoming increasingly oppressive to continue. I had been on a pay freeze for four years and my real income had become so low in the face of increasing inflation that it really was not worth my while continuing to work in a situation that demanded ever more production for ever decreasing payments.

I am now better off mentally, emotionally and physically, if not financially. You could say I have a rich sort of life, but it isn’t the sort of ‘rich’ that you understand.

I am not a drain on the state, I still work part time, and make no benefit claims. I pay my taxes, small though they are. I have worked all my life, I have taken many brave risks too as I have run my own businesses for much of that time. My parents’ generation might have called me a ‘working  class Tory’ – I am one of many. But I do not support the Tories, I cannot. And in that, I am one of many too.

However, I am continuing to support your so-called ‘big society’ through the wide range of voluntary work I have always done. Even when I was in full time work I gave up extra hours of my time to volunteer in various ways in my local community. I still do that.

I am writing this to you because I know that I am a pretty average sort of person in this country today and I want you to know that many people like me are totally disillusioned with the Britain over which you preside and which you claim to lead.

More than that, many of us are becoming very angry about the way we are having to live and we are beginning the fight to put an end to the sort of Government that constantly puts us down – your sort of Government.

I know many people who either cannot find work, or are unable to work through illness or disability. They are not idlers and scroungers either. They care very much about the diverse and valuable contributions they are able to make to our society. Our country would be a much poorer place without them.

We are the ordinary hard working folk who care about our communities, and we know how the ordinary people feel about your Government. You need to start listening to us, Mr Cameron, if it isn’t already too late.

Yours sincerely,

 Miss Very Angry.