Monday, 2 July 2012

Wonderful Wendy

One of the highlights of the  Gŵyl Lenyddiaeth Dinefwr 2012 / Dinefwr Literature Festival 2012 last weekend for me was an hour spent in the company of the wonderful poet Wendy Cope.
She read from a wide spectrum of her work, much of it from her best seller ‘Two Cures for Love’; and some from her collection ‘Family Values’.

Technical brilliance and great humour are of course keystones of her work. Witty and subversive, she gets under the skin and into the heart of the human condition and while doing so makes us laugh at ourselves and our lives.
Inspired by listening to her and afterwards meeting and talking briefly with her about her work, I penned this little thing while I sat in the courtyard …

Ode to Wendy Cope

I think I want to be Wendy Cope
But I really don't believe I have a hope...
in Hell, of writing funny verse.

Words that scan and rhyme and make you laugh
Are really very hard to, um design/ no... craf(t)...
And mine don't always fill the line ___________.

In fact, some of my verse couldn't be worse,
But Wendy copes (haha!) and always hits the spot,
I will forever strive, but somehow, I can - not.

No hope for me really is there!

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